Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lady Gaga, Monster Ball in Sheffield in June 2010

Yes I was dressed in all leather and I was sweating buckets with my fellow little monsters. Something that I am not willing to go through again. Despite my sweaty leather experience, I still enjoyed my time at the Monster Ball and I do continue to have my lust and adoration for leather, it's hot!

Yes I am a Lady Gaga fanatic incase you did not know. In my room I have rather large Lady Gaga image framed next to my bed, so she sees me as I sleep and I also have a spare canvas that goes with me to my university domes, created by Reggie Yate, surprisingly. Anyway, at the Monster Ball I had a fabulous night with my cousin Laura, it was a night that I want to relive and hopefully Laura enjoyed herself too and would attend another Gaga show at a future date with me.

The lady is true inspiration, her attitude to life, her beliefs in what are wrong and right and by god her talent and fashion tastes (with help of the brilliant Nicola Formichetti) TRUE INSPIRATION.

Lady Gaga can put on a show, FACT! Religious iconography! Vampire attacks! and the bizarre images that were projected to the audience of Gaga eating a heart and where the old gimp mask that is kept in the back of our closets. Ha! So everyone, Gaga fan or not, you should go see her!

I apologize for my poor images, I had my old shitty camera then. 

Sophie XXX

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