Thursday, 14 April 2011

Burberry Prorsum Show Fall 2011

Hello people!
Tonight I'm gonna have a bit of me time after my hectic day of work, work and freeking work! So the fake bake is out, the red MAC nail polish is painted and I'm gonna blog to my heart's content while watching re-runs of the Kardashians. And ignoring the boyfriend's calls seeing as he ignored mine! GO SISTER!

This blog is about my first ever fashion show I attended, I feel so lucky and blessed that it got to be the infamous British designer (and he is from up north) Christopher Bailey with his Burberry Prorsum range. The atmosphere was crazy, I saw Anna Wintour, Sir Phillip Green and his daughter, Sam Cam, a fair amount a past Burberry models, the guys from The Feeling and Alexa Chung... whom I was in ass-pinching reach to!

The show was held in huge tent in Kensington Gardens, paparazzi and a crowd of fashionistas was waiting near the cream carpet for the celebrities to waltz their way into the tent. Candles were lit and people were seated, the show begun. It was extremely different to the previous collection of snake prints and studs, which i adored. The coats were brash, bold and bright! The silhouettes of the coat differed, the body of the coat was cropped, the sleeve were fully volumed and the shoulder were oversized and dropped. There was also coats, jumpers and dresses that reminded me of a poodle, as the were knitted but had like balls of fur protruding out of them. The collection was mainly based on coats, but fabulous coats they were. The coats came with bags too!!

The ending of the show was fabulous, snow fell and all the models came out with their previous outfits on but accessorized with see-through plastic ponchos and wellies. CUTE!

 Sophie XXX

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