Wednesday, 13 April 2011

California and Nevada

I will never forget the time I had in sunny California. The place where I am destined to be, the place where I will work my way to get to. What a beautiful place, the most amazing view was from the Getty Centre on the Hollywood Hills, where you can see the city, forest and sea, truly breathtaking. Just flicking through pictures of my holiday there with my family, just makes me so envious of the lucky people who are there everyday. Even watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians or re-runs of The Hills just make me get this crazy feeling inside my stomach! I belong there.

Santa Monica, also known as MUSCLE BEACH, is far from the stereotypical view of pumped up guys and tango-ed chicks with huge knockers. The place is so laid back, I would love to have a place like that near where I live, it is perfect as an escape! My family and me hired bikes and cycled up and down the beach, I've never felt so at peace in my life ever.

Hollywood, is just a place you have to do because of its glamourous history, and to have your picture with the Michael Jackson star and visit Madame Tussauds. However I don't think it is the most wonderful place in the world, the walk of fame is a bit scruffy with kerbs like knocked off, there is your shops that are decent, the Kodak centre is a nice little place.

LAS VEGAS, fricking hot. I literally had to walk into every casino and hotel that I passed when walking to my destination. Vegas is a fabulous place, I definitely need to live my night of sin there when I turn 21. But despite my youthful age there was still plenty to do, the hotels are vast you can literally spend a whole week in there, there have malls, that are more than double the size of my local mall, Meadowhall. Vegas was the place where I bought my beloved red valentine edition Alexander McQueen skull ring :). (which I found out a couple of months later fricking Cheryl Cole bought... GREAT, but it's still loved)  I also visited the Grand Canyon on this section of my holiday, I still feel like I have not been there, weird feeling if you get me... It looked like a giant painting, I have the same feeling as this with NYC. It's odd.

I also visited Yosemite National Park, even the air there was beautiful and fresh. Everything you imagine America to be, triple it in size, I felt like such an insignificant part to the huge world world we live in. When I arrived here, this is when I thought I have so much more to do and see. The waterfalls are must see. :) Peaceful.

Finally I visited San Francisco. I think with this place you either love it or hate it, San Francisco is America's Marmite. I enjoyed my visit to the infamous Alcatraz jail but that was it. I think San Francisco got so hyped up to us by fellow travelers, holidays reps and the Americans we met on our trip, that when go there we was like what the hell?!?! I thought it was America's Blackpool.

Sophie XXX

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