Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lady Gaga NME cover... Holy MO' FO'

BAM! Check out the Lady herself on the front of the NME cover, styling it up!

Kate Middleton's Honeymoon Dresses...

Heyho folks, 

Sorry it has been a while. I have had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend, having picnics at Graves Park and moving some of my stuff (CLOTHES) back from Leeds and to my home in Sheffield. As well as that I have been spending time working and sorting my iPhone out, which has been replaced by the good peeps at Apple, despite the waiting time, I am in quite a good mood about it.

Thought I would do some updating on fashion happening in the ROYAL HONEYMOON. Apparently 'to-be' Princess Kate will be wearing dresses from Warehouse.  I love the second one shouldered dress in the white and blue print, The dresses are very cute and tropical :) 

She may have just bought these garments below...

White lace and brocade-trimmed blouse £55
One-shouldered dress in a white and blue print £45
Humming bird print v-necked dress £65
Bandeau dress in a riot of tropical colours £60

Sophie XXX


Head over to Fashion Rocks' online store that just got launched TODAY :)...

Or head over to the store at Meadowhall and ask for me :) Sophie.

Sophie. xxx

Friday, 15 April 2011

FR today

Hey guys,

Been working at FR for Fashion Rocks, Meadowhall today!
Two fabulous Bolongaro Trevor dresses are in, and they are to die for! The first one is a sort of shirt dress that has an amazing printed patten of like lace all morphed into each other, and I know this sounds odd but I kinda interpret these lace pattern as though it is supposed to be your insides... I find these freeking awesome. It also reminds me of the classic Alexander McQueen prints too :D.

The second dress has a similar silhouette to the All Saints Parachute dress, but the pattern on it makes it ten times better. The dress is like golden and orange in shade and has this fabulous print of ants, butterflies, rhinos... you name it, its on this dress!

Sporting my Japan band proud. I continue to have deep thoughts and sympathy for the people who have lost family, friends, homes, businesses, pets and lives there. Donate, so a quick recovery can be made, Mother nature can be a bitch.

After I came from work I quickly downloaded the new Gaga song, and by gosh it is catchy, listened to it twice and I knew all the words :). Happy ending to my day.

Sophie XXX

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Burberry Prorsum Show Fall 2011

Hello people!
Tonight I'm gonna have a bit of me time after my hectic day of work, work and freeking work! So the fake bake is out, the red MAC nail polish is painted and I'm gonna blog to my heart's content while watching re-runs of the Kardashians. And ignoring the boyfriend's calls seeing as he ignored mine! GO SISTER!

This blog is about my first ever fashion show I attended, I feel so lucky and blessed that it got to be the infamous British designer (and he is from up north) Christopher Bailey with his Burberry Prorsum range. The atmosphere was crazy, I saw Anna Wintour, Sir Phillip Green and his daughter, Sam Cam, a fair amount a past Burberry models, the guys from The Feeling and Alexa Chung... whom I was in ass-pinching reach to!

The show was held in huge tent in Kensington Gardens, paparazzi and a crowd of fashionistas was waiting near the cream carpet for the celebrities to waltz their way into the tent. Candles were lit and people were seated, the show begun. It was extremely different to the previous collection of snake prints and studs, which i adored. The coats were brash, bold and bright! The silhouettes of the coat differed, the body of the coat was cropped, the sleeve were fully volumed and the shoulder were oversized and dropped. There was also coats, jumpers and dresses that reminded me of a poodle, as the were knitted but had like balls of fur protruding out of them. The collection was mainly based on coats, but fabulous coats they were. The coats came with bags too!!

The ending of the show was fabulous, snow fell and all the models came out with their previous outfits on but accessorized with see-through plastic ponchos and wellies. CUTE!

 Sophie XXX

Oh My Days....

Hey guys, 

I just found these incredible shoes! I love sparkly 'drag-queen' shoesis, I own a pair of crazy red ones myself!


Sophie XXX

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wowzaahhh... Katy Perry for GHD

Hey folks,

I love my GHDs and like many girls and guys (cough Adam Cox), I can not live without those bad boys.

Today unveiled the images of Katy Perry spokeswoman for GHD, I'm not a major Katy Perry fan, but I do love the advertising campaigns for GHDs and by god she looks awesome. Check out the Dita style curls, I must say Katy does look at her best in the 50s style. The images kinda remind me of early Playboy, Alberto Vargas style (as artist whom I adore). It's so perfect with the glowing skin. Photographer: David LaChapelle. Stylist: Johnny Wuje

Sophie XXX


I am just obsessed with this app... I WILL create the best boutique :D

Sophie XXX

Kings of Leon

Guess who caught Caleb's plectrum, which he played Sex On Fire with... ahem, ME!

Me and my boyfriend got ourselves right at the front and bang in the middle didn't we?!!!! And I can confirm the Jared Followill is better looking in real life... I did not think that was possible but it is fact. I would also like to advice to never try to attempt to drink two pints of lager, especially if your a girl. Major bladder issues.

Amazing band, amazing live and amazing people. Caleb's speech may have been a tear-jearker if it wasn't for roaring and pushing crowd. Kings of Leon continue to be my favorite band ever.

Sophie XXX

California and Nevada

I will never forget the time I had in sunny California. The place where I am destined to be, the place where I will work my way to get to. What a beautiful place, the most amazing view was from the Getty Centre on the Hollywood Hills, where you can see the city, forest and sea, truly breathtaking. Just flicking through pictures of my holiday there with my family, just makes me so envious of the lucky people who are there everyday. Even watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians or re-runs of The Hills just make me get this crazy feeling inside my stomach! I belong there.

Santa Monica, also known as MUSCLE BEACH, is far from the stereotypical view of pumped up guys and tango-ed chicks with huge knockers. The place is so laid back, I would love to have a place like that near where I live, it is perfect as an escape! My family and me hired bikes and cycled up and down the beach, I've never felt so at peace in my life ever.

Hollywood, is just a place you have to do because of its glamourous history, and to have your picture with the Michael Jackson star and visit Madame Tussauds. However I don't think it is the most wonderful place in the world, the walk of fame is a bit scruffy with kerbs like knocked off, there is your shops that are decent, the Kodak centre is a nice little place.

LAS VEGAS, fricking hot. I literally had to walk into every casino and hotel that I passed when walking to my destination. Vegas is a fabulous place, I definitely need to live my night of sin there when I turn 21. But despite my youthful age there was still plenty to do, the hotels are vast you can literally spend a whole week in there, there have malls, that are more than double the size of my local mall, Meadowhall. Vegas was the place where I bought my beloved red valentine edition Alexander McQueen skull ring :). (which I found out a couple of months later fricking Cheryl Cole bought... GREAT, but it's still loved)  I also visited the Grand Canyon on this section of my holiday, I still feel like I have not been there, weird feeling if you get me... It looked like a giant painting, I have the same feeling as this with NYC. It's odd.

I also visited Yosemite National Park, even the air there was beautiful and fresh. Everything you imagine America to be, triple it in size, I felt like such an insignificant part to the huge world world we live in. When I arrived here, this is when I thought I have so much more to do and see. The waterfalls are must see. :) Peaceful.

Finally I visited San Francisco. I think with this place you either love it or hate it, San Francisco is America's Marmite. I enjoyed my visit to the infamous Alcatraz jail but that was it. I think San Francisco got so hyped up to us by fellow travelers, holidays reps and the Americans we met on our trip, that when go there we was like what the hell?!?! I thought it was America's Blackpool.

Sophie XXX