Friday, 15 April 2011

FR today

Hey guys,

Been working at FR for Fashion Rocks, Meadowhall today!
Two fabulous Bolongaro Trevor dresses are in, and they are to die for! The first one is a sort of shirt dress that has an amazing printed patten of like lace all morphed into each other, and I know this sounds odd but I kinda interpret these lace pattern as though it is supposed to be your insides... I find these freeking awesome. It also reminds me of the classic Alexander McQueen prints too :D.

The second dress has a similar silhouette to the All Saints Parachute dress, but the pattern on it makes it ten times better. The dress is like golden and orange in shade and has this fabulous print of ants, butterflies, rhinos... you name it, its on this dress!

Sporting my Japan band proud. I continue to have deep thoughts and sympathy for the people who have lost family, friends, homes, businesses, pets and lives there. Donate, so a quick recovery can be made, Mother nature can be a bitch.

After I came from work I quickly downloaded the new Gaga song, and by gosh it is catchy, listened to it twice and I knew all the words :). Happy ending to my day.

Sophie XXX

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