Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Woop Woop... Finally brought some fashion!

After two months of being high and dry... Deprived of new clothes... I have finally bought patterns and made patterns to create myself some clothing as soon as I find the right fabric. Here is a sneak peak of a design that I want to make out of a silver-grey metallic thin sheer knit. I want it to half oversized sleeves, with a slanted hem at the bottom of the skirt so it can be made into a train, I think it would look hot with a black slip underneath and some crazy high heels.

Went out for a shopping spree with my mum to help her find some form of clothing to wear for the Take That concert she is going to. Our attempt was poor, but I find myself a few goodies that were surprisingly from H&M...
This looks banging on, it reminds me of a Vivienne Westwood dress that was a contender for a prom dress. I will post an image when I wear it, I'm thinking tomorrow for one of my friend's birthday.

This dress has to be seen on, there is a slight problem with the dress below the zip as it puckers, I actually tried all the dresses on but they all did the same thing, so it needs fixing. The dress is short at the front and its hem gradually gets longer at the back. The print is black with splashes of colour on.

And this is just me posing with my gold tiger print jacket from the H&M gold range that I bought on 5th Avenue, NYC. (Also my jokes bunny Iphone 4 case)

And there is my new beastly shoes. You would never guess where I got these BAD BOYS from.

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