Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week Images.

Was a fabulous day out in London, despite the shocking public transport... damn you public transport.
I got my photo taken by some press people, I wore my usual outfit of gold tiger print shorts, sheer off-white blouse, my favourite batted leather along with my trademark accessories... my McQueen scarf and ring :).

Came to the graduate fashion week in dying need of inspiration that is lacking on the highstreet. I need something different, I need something other than these bright colours. Here are some of my favourites from GFW.

Love this dress, the draping is pure fabulous and I love the contrast of the floaty fabric with a crazy ass harness.

Yum. A pure hottie needs to wear this!!! The collar on the leather jacket is made of zip teeth, and the intricate black knit is decorated with safety pins. So rock and roll.

 This historical silhouette has been brought into the 21st century with the use of layered red leather and embroidery to create a 3D effect. The ruff collar is made of plastic.

Wow. The things you can do with knit... I love the dress to the left, it kind of reminds me of a ribcage.

I think the use of laser cutting needs to be brought onto the highstreet. I have only seen it in H&M and it is in poor use, look at the pattern in this dress... Crazy.

The craftsmenship on these garments were amazingly breathtaking. There is so much you can do with black, structure and texture.

I am not even kidding. I dreamed about this jacket. It's simple. A leather jacket with floor length leather fringing (that looks crazy in movement when walking) and the punky studs on the collars.

GAGA. Love this but you would not catch me dead in this, maybe put a nude slip underneath the chains?? S&M.

Haha, clever. This looks so ghostly, however I don't think the ghost face thing will get into Topshop's hands!

Definitely on to making this when I find the perfect fabric.

Leather gloves :)

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