Sunday, 8 January 2012

Killer Style: Brandon Flowers

It is not often I post fashions of men on my blog as I am doing a womenswear degree, but when it comes to style icons I find the men of today (especially musicians) to be far more influencing than the women of today.

Highly anticipated: The Killers are due to come back to the music scene later this year.

Brandon Flowers, Lead Singer, has announced to Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 show, that an EP will hit down in either the summer time or winter time.

Flower's to me is a true male style icon - I have previously taken inspiration from him in my own dress sense. He has been seen sporting the tash, the short back and side hairdo, the feather shoulders, the slim tailored suit (and dude I love a guy in a suit), and this cute mexican style bow suit!


So I am counting down the days on what The Killers will bring to us and the new visionary style Brandon will wear on stage.

Brandon Flowers I salut you!

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